A Complete Guide To The Popular Trailer Decks

Trailer beds or decks are used to carry different loads effectively. There are several types of decks are available in the market. Depending on the size and style of decks, trailers are mainly categorised. In this blog, we are going to discuss 4 popular types of trailer decks or beds used for transportation.

Flatbed decks
This is the most common type of trailer deck used for shipping goods and machinery. The flatbed deck is ideal for carrying all types of machines such as utility crane, excavator and road roller. Flatbed is an open deck which is approximately 50ft long and the carrying capacity is 48000 lbs. Some common flatbed deck sizes include 24 ft, 45 ft and 50 ft. Because of its versatility, flatbed decks are mainly used for wide-scale freight transportation.

Hydraulic tilt decks
Hydraulic tilt deck is a modern trailer bed used to carry cars and commercial vehicles. This type of deck is designed with hydraulic ramps that provide easy loading and unloading option. Hydraulic tilt decks are mostly found in open car trailers. Minimum length of this trailer is 53 ft and it comes with 25,000lb. GVWR. Apart from that, hydraulic tilt decks are very light in weight than other car hauler decks. They also require low maintenance and ideal for long-distance transportation.

Drop decks
Drop decks are also popular trailer beds also known as step-decks. They are quite different from the typical flatbed decks. Basically, drop decks are divided into 2 decks, including top and bottom deck. Drop deck trailers are generally used to carry that machinery that can’t be transported by the traditional flatbed trailers. The average load-carrying capacity of the drop deck is 48000 lbs. Common sizes available include 40 ft and 50 ft. The overall length & width of this deck are 7 ft & 8.5 ft respectively

Stretched decks
Last but not the least, stretched decks are the extendable version of the traditional flatbeds. These decks are also known as extendable trailer beds used to carry very large machinery & equipment such as building columns, cranes, pipes, large excavator, etc. The overall load-bearing capacity of stretched decks is approx 43000 lbs. Apart from that, the minimum height & width of stretched decks are 10 ft & 8 ft respectively. The average length of this trailer bed is 40 ft.

Choosing a perfect trailer is tricky. If you are planning to buy a trailer, contact a trailer manufacturer near you. They will help you choose the perfect trailer depending on your purpose and budget.