Best Open 5 Car Hauler That You Can Choose From

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a trailer. Trailers must be purchased based on your needs. Different trailers have a different sets of advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration before investing. Among most other open car haulers, 5 car haulers are the best choice for most car trailer buyers. Although, when you visit a car hauler manufacturer, you will be bombarded with immense suggestions to choose from. Thus, you are bound to get confused. So which is the open 5-car hauler for which you must keep your eyes open?

Let’s see:

Do you need to transport five cars? Then you’re perhaps looking for this low pro 53'ft 5 car hauler trailer! It comes with two hydraulic tilt decks for a total loading capacity of 76'ft. It also dons hydraulic ramps and tandem duals that are of standard size. This is a perfect fit for many people who want to get into the car hauling industry. It is a great option if you want to buy 5 open car hauling options. GN550 is a must-ask for any car hauler manufacturer you’re visiting.

This model is also a great option for many people who are stepping into a car hauling industry. This, car hauler, comes with a top loading capacity 32', bottom loading capacity 44', an overall length 53', and a bed width 102". This trailer model weighs 13,000lb. Comes with two hydraulic tilt decks for a total loading capacity of 76'ft. It is another great option any open car hauler manufacturer can suggest to you.

Now this 5-car transporter trailer can accommodate 5 cars or 4 trucks. This 50' trailer features a Box Tongue designed for Chassis Cab vehicles, as well as a drive-over belly deck for easy loading and unloading. Hydraulic ramps and tandem duals are included as standard. Other specifications include top loading capacity of 34', bottom loading capacity of 42', hydraulic ramps, the overall length of 50', bed width of 102", and trailer weight of 13,000Lb, among others. It is another great suggestion offered by any car hauler manufacturer.

This 50-foot 5-car hauler trailer will transport your cargo safely and efficiently. If you’re looking for an efficient 5-car hauler, you must check this one out. Ask the open 5-car hauler manufacturer to show this particular model. The GNW500 Tri Pod is a 50-foot trailer with a drive-over belly deck. Hydraulic ramps are standard equipment. Other specifications include a top loading capacity of 34', a bottom loading capacity of 42', hydraulic ramps that can be used as 3' extensions for a total length of 45', an overall length of 50', bed width of 102", and a trailer weight of 13,000lb with a GVWR of 25,000lb. You'll be ready to compete with the big boys with this trailer.

These are some of the best car hauler options that you can choose from or at least consider before deciding on a good car hauler manufacturer. Most likely, one of these options will be your ideal fit for a car hauler.