Key Benefits of Buying Car Haulers From The Infinity Trailers


Infinity Trailers is the number one trailer manufacturer offering a premium range of open car trailers in Texas. Since the establishment, the skilled & experienced manufacturers at Infinity Trailers are delivering the best product at a very reasonable price. The company never compromises with quality. At Infinity Trailers, the manufactures always focus on the latest technologies and trends. Based on that, they are able to produce highly advanced car trailers. Let's discuss some key benefits of purchasing car trailers from the Infinity Trailers.

Provides a wide range
As the leading car trailer manufacturer in Texas, infinity trailers offer a diverse range of open car carriers to their customers. Starting from 4 car trailers to 6 car haulers, here you will get everything. Some common trailer models manufactured by the Infinity Trailers are GN450, GNW450, GN550, GNW550, GN500, GNW500, GN600, GNW600, etc. These models are designed with several load-bearing capacities & advanced features. The company always prioritizes customer needs and provide the best service without compromising the quality.

Cost-effective products
Another reason for choosing Infinity Trailers is that the company offers a premium range of car trailers at a very reasonable price. At Infinity Trailers, the minimum price range of a car trailer starts from 36900$ and it goes up to 45900$. The price range mainly depends on the type, capacity, and features of a car trailer. Apart from that, the company offers trailer financing options only for the customers. The below-mentioned companies help you finance the 4 car trailers, 5 car trailers, or 6 car trailers.

  • AMUR Equipment Financing - (214)-801-6653 Staci Moore
  • Engs Commercial Finance - (331) 215-1002 Lance D. Wright
  • Apple Capital - 214-224-0995 Ext. 153 Ileana Vazquez
  • Commercial Fleet Financing - (469)-208-4710 James Wilson
  • Montana Commercial Credit, Inc - (406)-268-9840 Andrea Bell
  • Ascentium Capital - (480)-580-1642 Brian Zetting

Design & features
Design & specification wise, no one can beat the Infinity Trailers in Texas. With more than 25 years, the company is manufacturing open car carriers. The manufacturers & experts never compromise with quality. They are working hard to make premium quality products. Some special features of our open car trailers are hydraulic ramps, tandem duals, fully hydraulic tilt decks, etc. The classic aluminum frame makes the trailer lightweight and sturdy. This lightweight body frame always gives a smooth and jerk-free driving. Professionals at Infinity Trailers also offer some additional maintenance tips to the customers.

At Infinity Trailers, you will always get lightweight & high capacity car trailers which will give you the perfect transportation service. If you are planning to buy a brand new trailer, order now.



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