Key Features of Modern Car Trailers

An open car trailer or carrier is a vehicle widely used to carry light commercial cars and cargos from one place to another. Open car trailers are available in a vast range of capacities, shapes and sizes. Many reputable trailer manufacturers in Texas offer a range of open car trailers for sale. Modern car trailers are mainly designed with mechanized features and characteristics. They offer easy loading and unloading.

Kye features of modern car trailers
Modern car trailers provide excellent performance with easy loading and unloading options. The lightweight and sturdy design of these car carriers provide you fantastic trailering experience. They perform well in all types of road conditions. Apart from that, these trailers give adequate support to heavy-duty vehicles. Some common features include:

• Jack
• Bed or platform
• Ramps
• LED lighting
• The wheels
• Fender bars

Other specs of Car Hauling Trailers

• 8 - 235 75R 17.5 Road-master tires and wheels
• Punch Hole decking for Tread ways and ramps
• Bottom Loading Capacity 42'
• 1 breakaway kit
• Trailer Weight 14,000Lb.
• Single Acting Hydraulic Pump 12-volt self-contained unit
• Top Loading Capacity: 48'
• Punch Hole decking for Treadways and ramps
• Aluminum Cylinders for upper decks (4- 2.5"x40")
• Pro Series Wind Dropleg Jack (8K Side)
• 7 Way Flat Pin RV Plug

Many modern car trailers or car carrier models consist of advanced and special features like higher side rails.

Trailer financing:
If you are planning to purchase a modern car trailer for your business, you may find some trusted trailer financing options as it is a long term investment. Fortunately, reputable trailer manufacturers offer an array of financing options for their customers. Following financing companies may help you:

• AMUR Equipment Financing - (214)-801-6653 Staci Moore
• Direct Capital - (603)-373-1958 Robin Franks
• Apple Capital - 214-224-0995 Ext. 153 Ileana Vazquez
• Commercial Fleet Financing - (469)-208-4710 James Wilson
• Engs Commercial Finance - (331) 215-1002 Lance D. Wright
• Montana Commercial Credit, Inc - (406)-268-9840 Andrea Bell

To smooth the process of car freight transportation, purchasing a modern open car trailer is necessary.

Since other modes of freight transportation such as air and rail transport, road transport is cost-effective, secure and fast. They provide excellent trailering experience with efficiency. For convenience, consulting with reputable financing companies is crucial. They provide immense support and assistance to their clients.