4 Car Trailer Maintaining Tips: Expert Guide

A car trailer is a special type of flatbed carrier that helps to transport cars from one place to another very effectively and safely. The high-quality body frame carries a number of cars and vehicles easily. They come in different types and sizes like 4 car haulers, 5 car haulers, and 6 car haulers. However, according to the trailer manufacturer, there are certain things that need to be considered for maintaining the performance and efficiency of a car trailer. This blog will focus on those certain things in brief.

Inspection the suspensions

Suspension plays a major role in driving a car carrier on the road. It absorbs shock and jerk. Trailer suspensions always offer completely jerk less driving. So, trailer suspension needs to be checked or inspected properly before driving the trailer. Proper inspection finds out any kind of defect in the suspension such as cracks, wear & tear, scratches, and other things. A professional trailer inspector also checks other major parts of the trailer suspension systems like shock absorbers, spring coils, struts condition, wheel bearings, torsion bars, etc.

Check the tire pressure

Tires always play a vital role in driving the trailer properly on the road. The important element of the trailer tires is air pressure. Air pressure improves the life of tires & also offers a smooth driving. Driving under low tire pressure may lead to accidents on the road. So, before driving a car trailer, where it is 4 car carrier or 6 car carrier, inspecting the amount of tire pressure is highly essential. Apart from that, auxiliary battery switch and power fuse need also be inspected thoroughly.


Proper lubrication helps to improve the performance of the engine of the truck trailer. The good quality lubricating oils always offer smooth driving performance. These oils are highly economical, reliable & safe. Proper lubrication helps to boost the overall efficiency, reliable & definitely life span of the car trailer. So, for controlling the engine temperature, rust, wear & tear, and corrosion, lubrication is very necessary.

Inspect the braking system

Last but not the least, checking the air braking system of a car trailer is necessary, before driving it. This is because each component of the trailer brakes plays an essential role and the entire system is connected to each other. So, it needs a proper inspection. Inspectors check all major braking components properly such as brake pads, brake cylinder, master cylinder, brake caliper, brake pedal, etc.

So, these are the major things that should be considered before driving the trailer. Whether it is 4 car carriers or 5 car carriers, proper inspection & maintenance can improve the performance and extend the life span of the car trailer.