5 Car Haulers Available At Infinity Trailers


Infinity Trailer is arguably one of the best car trailer manufacturers here in Texas. We have a huge collection of car trailers to offer for business owners. You can find a huge variety of five car haulers with us. Some of the most popular car hauler options for 5-car trailers include:

Top 5 Car Haulers You Get From Infinity Trailers:


If you need to haul 5 cars at once, the GN500 is an excellent choice. It has two hydraulic decks and a loading capacity of 76 feet. This model is available for sale on the Infinity Trailer website.


The GNW550 is quite similar to the previous generation GN550. However, there are some additional features such as hydraulic ramps and tandem ramps. It helps to easily on-board the car onto the trailer. 


This 5 car hauler can easily transport five full-size vehicles or even four trucks. The 50-foot trailer has a Box Tongue design to conveniently transport Chassis Cab vehicles. The drive-over belly allows for easy loading and unloading.


This trailer is a 50-foot Tri Pod variant of the GN500 that has a drive-over belly deck. Hydraulic ramps are supplied as standard.

Financing Options:

We have financing options available for you to easily purchase our 5 car haulers. The following companies offer easy financing options for Infinity Trailer’s car haulers:

  • AMUR Equipment Financing - (214)-801-6653, Staci Moore
  • Apple Capital - 214-224-0995 Ext. 153, Ileana Vazquez 
  • Key Credit Corp - (770) 998-9922, Kristin Lamote
  • Ascentium Capital - (480)-580-1642, Brian Zetting
  • Commercial Fleet Financing - (469)-701-9014, Aaron Nguyen
  • Montana Commercial Credit, Inc - (406)-268-9840, Andrea Bell
  • Partners Capital Group - (206) 486-3910, Jesus Nambo-Soto 

With the support of easy financing options, you can easily get the 5 car hauler that you need for your business. If you are looking for a car hauler, perhaps 4 or 6 car haulers, then you can look for other car haulers. We offer an eclectic choice for car haulers which also has attractive, easy financing options. Choose your car hauler now!

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