Advices On Trailer Maintenance

When we talk about trailers, we are actually talking of a huge vehicle or rather a machine. Consisting of two main parts; the tractor and the trailer. We all know that any machine needs adequate maintenance for its proper functionality. A trailer is no exception. Though today’s trailer are built to last, still they require maintenance.

Maintaining a trailer involves almost the same processes for every model; be it a 4 car trailer or a 6 car trailer. One thing you always should make sure is that the bigger the vehicle is, the more cautious you have to be.

Below are some trailer maintenance tips, which you can follow to ensure longer life of your vehicle. 

Air pressure:

Tires are a major expense and they deserve care. Experts say that tires need attention and care to extend their longevity. Professional drivers stay busy in checking tires in an overall manner, while it is better to pay attention to pressure monitoring and inflammation systems. 

If the tires are properly inflated and you are still experiencing tire wear, the problem might not be with the tires. Unusual tire wear is a sign of problems with undercarriage, suspension, shock absorbers or axle alignment. 


Inspect suspensions visually, looking for signs of irregular wear, damage and heat cracks on the air springs. Make sure that nothing is touching the suspensions or blocking its movement. Also ensure sufficient and equal pressure on air springs. 


Right amount of lube is important in order to facilitate a trailer’s operation. Experts say that grease has three characteristics. The thickening system, grade and performance rating are all important in choosing the right lubricant. 

The performance stats of grease is sometimes hard to figure out as you may not find all the  necessary details on the label. Oder grease from reputed manufacturers so that you know what you are using. 

Another tip would be to add enough new-grease to purge out the old remains. Experts say that grease does not wear out but dust and debris get clinged to the sticky substance. Addition of new grease purges out the old remains and eventually the dust and particles are also forced out. 

A trailer is an expensive vehicle and highly useful too. While investing on a trailer, you should think long-term, and do whatever it takes to extend their longevity. Always remember that proper maintenance not only extends lifespan of trailers but also keep you safe from accidents. It is your trailer therefore you better take care of it.

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