How to Hitch Up Your Trailer Properly
Prior to starting a trailering trip, it is absolutely imperative that you hitch up properly. Even those who keep their hauling truck hitched all the time might have to connect their trailer and towing vehicle together. Although the task may be quite overwhelming and tedious, poor hitch maintenance and hitching issues are among the major causes of trailer-related accidents. Therefore, safety should be the primary concern during hitching activities.
While hitching, there are certain things which must be taken care of meticulously. First of all, make sure that the space between the trailer and tow vehicle is clear of pets or small children. If you are hitching up for the first time, inspect the size of the coupler and ball that you would be connecting together to make sure that you have the right ball on your van or truck. Once you are done doing that, fit the coupler after lubricating the ball a bit. Check both of them meticulously to ensure that they are completely locked to one another. Attach the chains safety if you have any with you, for they will prevent the trailer from drifting away in case the ball accidentally gets disconnected from the coupler. If an emergency breakaway switch is applicable, do not forget to use it. Connect the wire plug to your towing vehicle for the light. Remember to lift the jack leg, otherwise it may create a dangerous and embarrassing situation.
Once you have got used to the process of proper hitching, it would be easy for you to guarantee the safety of the cargo you haul. But there are some things which you will need to inspect very cautiously, even when you know that you are fully prepared for the trailering trip. Check the trailer lights prior to setting out on your journey. Look for wiring problems and exhausted bulbs. It would be better if you keep an eye on the compatibility of the trailer plugs with your truck. Check the tyres on both the hauler and the vehicle you would be using to tow it. Do not make haste when you hitch up your tow vehicle and trailer together. Try to keep yourself relaxed and take it slow.
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