How To Properly Load & Transport Cars Using A Trailer?


The business of hauling cars is quite a big industry in USA all throughout. Yet, in the realm of hauliers, there are a few professionals who are not exactly familiar with the correct approach of loading & transporting cars using trailers. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most ideal ways to do the same:

Prepping the tow vehicle & trailer

1. Park your trailer and towing vehicle on level ground and in the same line. 
2. Turn off the engine, place your vehicle in park & engage the brake. 
3. Make sure that the trailer has been attached to the vehicle properly. Take care to perform this: 

• Guarantee that your trailer is resting properly on its hitch.
• Cross the security chains left to right as well as ensure they don't drag on ground since this will ensure protection if something isn’t right.
• Check twice for ensuring that the electrical wiring of your trailer has been plugged in properly.

Loading cars

1.Pull out the ramps from your trailer & ensure that they are effectively secure & uniformly set on ground. 

2. Center your vehicle/s that you are going to load on to your trailer. One important safety tip to follow when doing this is having somebody help you with loading your trailer with the cars. Assuming this is the case, that individual ought not remain between your towing vehicle & trailer, yet rather off to a side. 

3. Slowly drive up your car onto the ramp. Abstain from turning the steering wheel and keep driving till the car has been completely moved up on the hauler. 

4. Next, place your car in park mode and use its parking brake. 

5. After that, secure your vehicle using security chains & fasteners guaranteeing that a bit of slack has been left in the chains. By doing so, you would facilitate the resulting pressure on chains to guarantee that they would not break in case something surprising occurs. 

6. Now stow the high performance ramps & make sure that the car has been secured.

7. Drive to a short distance to check whether everything has been properly secured or not. It is a smart thought to drive around the area or to some recognizable spots. Try not to dither to make moderately sharp turns keeping in mind the end goal to check the security of the vehicle. Once that has been done, you’re all set for the journey.

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