Infinity Trailers Offers A Range Of Car Trailers With Financing Options

Infinity Trailers is one of the leading trailer manufacturers in Texas offering a variety of open car trailers. As the leading trailer manufacturer, we also offer premium trailer financing options in Texas. So, we are always ready to fulfill all your needs. We specialize in making unique designs & delivering a variety of models. In this blog, we are talking about our top 3 open car trailers & financing options.

4 Car Trailers
Are you looking for a trailer that can haul 4 full-sized vehicles? Infinity Trailers specialize in providing efficient 4 car trailers. Our 2 LOW PRO 53'ft 4 car hauler trailers will meet all your auto transportation needs. The model names of our 4 car trailers are GN450 & GN450. Both trailers come with standard hydraulic ramps and tandem duals. The average carrying capacity of these trailers is 68 ft. These car trailers will definitely give you efficient services.

5 Car Trailer
We are also a reputable manufacturer of 5 car trailers. These trailers are common multi-level multi-car haulers that come with the hydraulic ramps and tandem duals. We at Infinity Trailers generally manufacture 4 different models of 5 car trailers. They include GN550, GNW550, GN500 & GNW500. The average length of GN550 & GNW550 is 53ft whereas the average length of GN500 & GNW500 is 50ft. Apart from that, GN500 & GNW500 are designed with unique belly decks. All 4 trailer models are efficient & they give effective auto transportation services.

6 Car Trailer
Last but not the least, we also specialize in manufacturing 6 car trailers. These car haulers are the advanced versions of 4 & 5 car trailers. 6 car trailers are specially made for chassis cab trucks only. The average length of these open car trailers is 50ft. They also have a 90ft carrying capacity. Our 6 car trailers come with unique belly desk designs that will give you the most efficient & secure loading. They come with a number of advanced features & also they require very low maintenance.

Trailer Financing Options:
We at Infinity Trailers create an appropriate trailer financing option for our customers. Whether you are planning to buy a four-car hauler, five-car trailer, or six car trailer, the below financing companies will surely assist you with the excellent financing solution.

  • AMUR Equipment Financing - (214)-801-6653 Staci Moore

  • Engs Commercial Finance - (331) 215-1002 Lance D. Wright

  • Apple Capital - 214-224-0995 Ext. 153 Ileana Vazquez

  • Commercial Fleet Financing - (469)-208-4710 James Wilson

  • Montana Commercial Credit, Inc - (406)-268-9840 Andrea Bell
  • Ascentium Capital - (480)-580-1642 Brian Zetting

I hope this blog is helpful to you. If you are planning to buy an efficient car trailer, contact us at Infinity Trailers. We assure 100% guaranteed products with complete peace of mind.