Things To Know While Using a Trailer

There can be a plethora of reasons for hooking a hauling trailer to the back of your car, van or truck. Whether the purpose is recreation, work or out of requirement, safe trailering should never be compromised with. Given below are some important factors that should be kept in mind while using a car hauler trailer:
Using Correct Loading Techniques
While loading a hauling trailer with vehicle or some other stuffs, it is vital to make sure that proper balance is maintained. Never put the bulkiest items right in front or in the posterior part. Otherwise, it would result in excessive tongue weight, making it tough to control the tow vehicle. Putting excess load in the rear has a similar effect. While loading cars, make sure that you load them front first and if at all you have to load its rear first, keep the rear as far forward as possible.
Importance of Tie-Downs
Never ever make the mistake of hauling vehicles or any other load without using proper tie-downs. There are numerous ways for tying down a vehicle, but the main aim should be to secure it properly. You must use at least two tie-down ratcheting straps for tying down a vehicle by its front and rear. But the safest method is to use four – one at every corner.
Do Not Ignore The Safety Chains
Be it a 4,5 or  6 car hauler trailers are normally provided with safety chains. They are the last line of defense in case the trailer may become detached from the vehicle. The safety chains must always be connected to the loops of the receiver hitch or the chassis of tow vehicle. Shorten long chains by twisting them so that they remain above the ground.
Use A Proper Tow Vehicle
Before hooking the trailer up, make sure that you have proper equipment for the task. Whether you have a car or a truck, make sure you check its GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating before beginning with the work. That is the maximum weight your car or truck can haul safely, including towing and passengers. To find the GVWR, you can either go through the owner's manual or search over the internet.
Keep An Eye On Your Speed
Whatever the size of your trailer may be, you should maintain a slow speed while hauling it. Towing adversely affects a number of systems such as the brakes, drivetrain, suspension, etc. Changing lanes also takes a longer time than usual. Therefore, keeping the speed low will help you to be more on the safe side.

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