Top 5 Car Hauler That You Can Get For Your Hauler Business


The car hauler business is on the rise. People are quite keen on moving from one place to another. In search of better opportunities or away from the bustling streets. People are always moving. This means the hauling industry is on the rise. Why? Well, people will need to bring their utilities when they are moving from one place to another. One of those utility is none other than a car. When people move from one location to another they will need their car to move around the new city. However, people can't drive their cars from location A to location B. One easier way to do it will be to hire a car hauler.

This is why you may see a rise in the car hauler business. This is why, new players are emerging in this car hauling business or the existing players are planning on scaling their business. No matter on which side you are, you will need a car hauler to easily complete the projects. As a trusted car hauler manufacturer in Texas, we have the perfect 4, 5, and 6 car haulers for sale that can help you achieve a new feat in your business. We have listed some of our best 5 car haulers available for sale that are most frequently bought:


If you are a newbie in the car hauler business and looking to enter into the car hauler business then this 5 car hauler that we have available for sale can be a great option. This car hauler offers two hydraulic tilt decks which gives you 76 ft of loading capacity. It has a standard hydraulic ramp and tandem duals.


If you are looking for something more powerful then you can go with the GNW550. This is the upgraded version of the previous GN500. It comes with similar specifications as the previous version but with a better loading capacity and safety of vehicles. This is a great model for someone who wants to scale their business.


If you have been in the industry and looking for a powerful 5-car hauler, then you can look into the GN500 5-car hauler. This Low Pro 53'ft 5-car hauler trailer is an absolute must! Comes with two hydraulic tilt decks for a total loading capacity of 76 ft. Hydraulic ramps and tandem duals are standard. 


Moving to a higher variant of the 5-car hauler that’s available for sale, we have the GNW500. It has the same specifications as the previous version but with a higher carrying capacity and vehicle safety. You can invest in it if you are on a hunt to find a better and more powerful car hauler.

These are some of the best 5-car haulers that we have manufactured and are available for sale right now. You can pick any of the above-listed car haulers to help you take forward your hauling business and complete projects on time.



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