Top Car Hauler That You Can Pick From Infinity Trailers?


Infinity Trailer is one of the best-known manufacturers of car haulers in Texas. With their support, many hauling businesses have thrived over the years. They have provided top-of-the-shelf car haulers to businesses which have helped elevate the trailer business. The trailer has made it easier to carry varied cars to their location without safety problems. Here are some of the best car haulers available for sale at Infinity Trailer.

4 Car Haulers:

If you are looking for a 4-car hauler to buy for your business, then Infinity Trailer has some of the best 4-car haulers available for sale. 

  • GN450:

If you are looking to haul four cars at one time then GN450 is one of the best options. This LOW PRO 53’ft car hauler is one of the best options for many business owners. It has two hydraulic tilt decks which offer around 68’ft loading capacity. 

  • GNW450:

This is the upgraded tripod version of the previous GN450 4-car hauler. This car hauler is available for sale at Infinity Trailer. It has almost similar specifications as GN450 except for the tripod tongue.

5 Car Haulers:

  • GN550:

If you need to carry 5 cars at once then the GN500 is a great option for you to pick. It has standard two hydraulic decks and a loading capacity of 76ft. You can find this model listed on the Infinity Trailer’s website available for sale.

  • GNW550:

The GNW550 is quite similar to the previous generation GN550. However, there are some additional features such as hydraulic ramps and tandem ramps. It helps to easily on-board the car onto the trailer. 

  • GN500:

This 5-car hauler can easily carry five full-size cars or even 4 trucks. The 50ft trailer has a Box Tongue design to carry Chassis Cab trucks easily. With easy loading and unloading with a drive-over belly. 

  • GNW500:

This trailer is a 50-foot Tri Pod version of the GN500 with a drive-over belly deck. Hydraulic Ramps are included as standard. 

6 Car Haulers:

  • GN600:

This 50ft car hauler that is available for sale is designed to carry Chassis Cab trucks only. This trailer gives you a 90ft loading capacity. 

  • GNW600:

This is the tripod version of the GN600. This car hauler enables you to quickly load and unload the car without any hassle. 

Thus, you can see the range of car haulers that are available for sale. You can select the car hauler of your choice from the catalogue offered by Infinity Trailers. You also have varied financing options for you to easily purchase the car hauler.

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