Trailer Axles: Recommended By 4 Car Trailer Manufacturer

The axle is one of the essential parts of a trailer. It carries the overall load of the car trailer. Axles are made of solid & high-quality materials. Generally, open car carriers or car trailers have multiple axles. According to the 4 car trailer manufacturer, car trailer axles are mainly classified into 4 types. They include leaf spring trailer axle, welded spring trailer axle, double eye spring trailer axle, and tandem trailer brake axle. Let's take a closer look at these 4 trailer axles.

Leaf Spring Trailer Axle
Leaf spring axle is one of the most common types of axles widely used in car trailers. In comparison to other axles, the configuration of the leaf spring trailer axle is so simple. It is generally made of solid materials. Leaf spring trailer axle is very strong as well as sturdy. The max carrying capacity of a leaf spring trailer axle is 3500 lbs approx. Apart from that, this axle is maintenance-free.


  • Easy configuration
  • Long-lasting
  • Very durable & sturdy
  • Comes with powder-coated finish


Welded Spring Trailer Axle
Welded spring axle is another common trailer axle that comes with ultra-durability. Like leaf spring trailer axles, this axle is also cost-effective. Trailer manufacturers prefer welded spring axles because of its strength & well-designed structure. The springs provide a smooth & jerk free performance every time. The max load-carrying capacity of a welded spring axle is approx 2000 lbs.


  • Designed with welded springs
  • Ultra durability & high strength
  • Maintenance-free
  • Comes with powder-coated finish


Double-eye Spring Axle
Are you looking for a highly durable trailer axle? The double-eye spring axle can be the perfect option to choose. This is because double eye springs have both essential properties - durability and sturdiness. However, the double eye spring trailer axle is expensive in comparison to other axles. Apart from that, this axle also comes with a premium powder-coated finish. Max capacity of a double eye spring axle is 3500 lbs.


  • Fitted with two double eye springs
  • Designed with U-bolt kit
  • Comes with an insulated mug


Tandem Trailer Brake Axle
If you are looking for an electric trailer axle, tandem trailer brake axle will be the perfect option to choose. The maximum carrying capacity of this axle is 3500 lbs.


  • Better durability
  • Good functionality
  • High strength

Axles always play a vital role while driving a trailer. Above mentioned 4car trailers are highly recommended by the trailer manufacturers in Texas.