Types Of Car Hauling Systems For Different Industries

Understanding the vehicle hauling industry is quite difficult as it has a wide range of moving parts. Nowadays, car hauling services are in great demand in Texas. Car hauling is a process widely used to transport commercial vehicles and small cars using car trailers or car carriers. In this blog, we are going to discuss several kinds of car hauling processes that are used in industries.

OEM: A load that should be transported from the OEM or original equipment manufacturer to dealerships. When it comes to original equipment manufacturer car hauling, controlling and operating high inventory levels with speed is necessary.

Retail: At dealerships, cargo vehicles need to be transported to other locations. They can also be rearranged to clean up space for a vehicle shipment.

Fleet management: Vehicles within corporate fleets should be maintained and managed using car hauling. For instance, a vehicle gets damaged, needs to be repaired, taken out of service or reassigned to several employees in the country — these are all major parts of fleet management.

Rentals: Rental vehicles should be redistributed and rearranged to achieve demand from the consumers.

Remarketing: Remarketing cars and vehicles mainly involve selling off used cars coming from corporate or rental fleets.

Auctions: Sometimes, vehicles can be remarketed through actions where customers bid on vehicles. It is quite hard to keep up with several auctions going on in different locations, which is why effective vehicle hauling is essential.

Privately owned vehicles: Privately owned vehicles or POV may involve shipping a single car or vehicle owned by individuals rather than the companies.

How to price?
There is a range of pricing across the vehicle hauling industry. There are several factors that you need to consider in the pricing for car hauling services. Major factors include:

  • Type of transport: Closed transport should cost less than open transport
  • Trip length: Many car carriers charge consumers by the mile
  • Time of year: During pick seasons, you have to charge more for car hauling services whereas you may charge less during slow seasons.
  • Cargo size and weight: Larger & heavier shipments should cost more as compared to smaller and lighter shipments.
  • Handling considerations (Special): Many car carriers charge more for handling considerations like an expedited delivery, refrigeration, irregular shaped items and more.

Before starting your own car hauling services, you have to consider all unexpected costs as well as responsibilities that may come with the services. Consult with experts to make a proper decision for your business.