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  NEW LOW PRO  5 Car Hauler!   Need to haul five cars? Then this LOW PRO 53'ft 5 Car Hauler trailer is a must have!  Comes with TWO hydrualic tilt decks which gives you 76'ft of loading capacity.  Comes standard with hydraulic ramps and tandem duals.

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This unique 5 car hauler trailer is designed to haul 5 cars or 4 trucks.  This 50'ft trailer comes with a Box Tongue designed for Chassis Cab trucks and allows easy loading and unloading with a drive over belly deck.   Comes standard with hydraulic ramps and tandem duals.

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This 50' ft.  5 car hauler trailer will get you the loads you need. This trailer is the Tri Pod version of the GN500 at 50ft with a drive over belly deck. It comes standard with Hydraulic Ramps. Get ready to compete with the big boys with this trailer.

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