Types of Car Trailer Axles

Trailer axles generally help to carry an entire load of a car trailer. They are made of very high-quality materials. According to the manufacturer of the trailer, 4 car trailer axles are widely used in Texas. They are leaf spring trailer axle, welded spring trailer axle, double-eye spring trailer axle, and tandem trailer brake axle.

1. Leaf spring trailer axle:
Leaf spring trailer axle is the most common type of trailer axle. It has a simple configuration as compared to other car trailer axles. A high quality leaf spring trailer is very strong and sturdy. It has 6 different sizes. The maximum carrying capacity of this trailer is 3500 lbs. It requires very low maintenance. The leaf springs are placed at both ends of each axle. The springs offer better support. This trailer axle is very less expensive and serviceable. According to the experts, it is considered as the best seller trailer axle.

Key advantages:

• Simple configuration
• Highly durable
• Designed with powder-coated finish
• Long-lasting

2. Welded spring trailer axle:
Welded spring trailer axle is another cost-effective and ultra-durable car trailer axle. Professionals generally prefer this trailer axle because of its well-designed structure and high strength. It comes with welded springs. These springs offer smoother performance each and every time. The maximum load-bearing strength of this axle is 2000 lbs. Like leaf spring trailer axle, this also requires very low maintenance and it is manufactured with a high-quality powder-coated finish.

Key advantages
• Made of welded springs
• Require very low maintenance
• Durable

3. Double-eye spring trailer axle:
If you are in search of a very durable axle for the car trailers then double-eye spring trailer axle is the best option to choose. The 2 double eye springs offer very high strength and durability to the axle. It is quite expensive as compared to other car trailer axles. It is also designed with high-quality powder-coated finish. It generally comes in several sizes. The maximum carrying capacity of this axle is 3500 lbs.

Key advantages:
• Designed with two double-eye springs
• Comes with U-bolt kit
• It has an insulated mug

4. Tendam trailer brake axle:
Last but not the least, tandem trailer brake axle is an electric trailer axle. It comes in different sizes. This axle can bear up to 3500 lbs loads. It has posi-lube spindles. These spindles offer ultimate bearing protection.

Key advantages
• High durability and performance.
• Good functionality.

So, these are the most common types of car trailer axles. If you are searching for the best trailer axles then consult with the trailer manufacturing expert soon. They will recommend you the perfect trailer axle based on your trailer size and capacity.