Types Of Car Trailers Used To Haul Vehicles Trans-Country

A car hauler is most often used to haul vehicles across the country. This kind of vehicle helps to keep the cost of moving vehicles down. The process of moving the vehicle is easier. And perhaps the biggest perk it offers is that you can safely move your car without any damage. This is why, in the age of globalization, when people are always on the move, the hauling business is reaping its maximum benefit.

There are plenty of car trailer types that can carry 4, 5, or 6 cars. But before hiring a car trailer type, you should know about the different types of car trailers:

Trailers with Open Flatbeds:

They are also known as equipment trailers because they do not have either ceilings or walls. A pallet jack or forklift is used to load the vehicle onto the flatbed trailer. Flatbed trailers are available in a variety of load capacities, sizes, and ramp configurations, allowing you to transport anything from a hatchback to an SUV or 4, 5, or 6 cars on the trailer.

Enclosed Car Trailers:

Enclosed trailers are made with a complete encasement, which means they have walls and a roof to protect the items you're hauling or storing. This type of trailer protects your cargo from road debris, dust, rain, sun, and other hazards, as well as potential thieves. They can be used to protect automobiles from the elements. They are mostly used to transport expensive, antique, or sports cars. It can transport four, five, or six cars on the trailer at the same time.

Utility Trailer:

Utility trailers, like flatbed trailers, do not have ceilings or walls and are designed to meet a variety of hauling needs. They have solid sides and a low railing, making it easier to transport heavy cargo. ATVs and motorcycles are best shipped in utility trailers with slats or D-rings. They have split gates, loading ramps, mesh or solid sides, and toolboxes.

Goose Neck Car Trailer:

As cars sit in the bed of a truck, the Gooseneck Trailer distinguishes itself from other types of trailers. Its design allows it to pass through the rear door to the bed and comfortably attach to your pick-up. Due to its unique design, this trailer can support a heavier load than a utility trailer. This would be the second option (along with the heavy equipment trailer) for hauling the largest loads. From 4, 5 or 6 cars can be carried by this car trailer with ease.

These are the most common car trailer that can be used to haul vehicles from one end of the country to another. If you are planning on starting a car trailer business, you should have more than one type of car trailer hauler to haul vehicles of different priorities in different manners.