Types Of Trailers That You Can Get From Trailer Manufacturers in Texas


Trailers are widely used to transport cars from one place to another. The trailer can help to transport multiple cars at once. Trailer manufacturer in Texas offers varied type of trailers to help trailer companies easily transport cars from one location to another. As there are several types of car trailers available on the market, their utilization varies slightly. When it comes to trailer manufacturers in Texas, each car trailer they create caters to a particular set of demands.

Here are some car trailers that as the best car trailer manufacturers in Texas you can find with us at Infinity Trailers:

4 Car Trailer:

The open 4-car trailer - GN450and GNW450 - manufactured by Infinity Trailer is perfect to carry four average-sized cars safely. They have a long bed of trailer which helps to keep the car safe. The engine helps to carry the loaded trailer with ease to long-distance spots. 

5 Car Trailer:

Another popular car trailer that is widely purchased by car trailer companies. As a car trailer manufacturer in Texas, we offer varied 5-car trailer options in this segment. It includes our GN550, GNW550, GN500, and GNW500. These trailers have helped trailer companies easily carry 5 cars at once on the deck of the trailer. Thereby, you can deliver 5 cars in a single journey. Which will levy more profit from one trip. 

6 Car Trailer:

If you are planning to take a bigger car trailer for your car trailer company you can for a 6 car trailer. The 6-car trailer can carry 6 average-sized cars safely. Some of the best 6-car trailers manufactured by us here in Texas include the GN600 and GNW600. It will help you to carry 6 cars at once. Thus, you will be able to take on more cars for one trip. 

Financing Options:

Being one of the popular car trailer manufacturers in Texas, we offer several financing options. Through our financing option, we make it easy for you to afford our car trailers. We are affiliated with varied companies for financing options. 

These are some of the best car trailers that you can find with us. Being a trusted manufacturer of car trailers in Texas, we have helped several businesses with our car trailers to easily carry cars from one location to another.


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