What Are The Different Hitch Classes?


Hitch Classes is essential to haul different types of trailers like small trailers, enclosed trailers, gooseneck trailers, car hauler trailers and more. This hauling component is mostly attached to the car frame and bumper of a vehicle. Based on hauling capacity and design, trailer hitches are classified into different types.

Rear Receiver Hitch

The rear receiver is one of the most common types of a trailer hitch. It is categorized into 5 different classes. This trailer hitch consists of a square receiver in which you can insert many things

  • Class 1 receiver hitch is used for towing up to 2000 lbs of loads. This hitch can perfect attach with a 6-feet longer trailer. It is common for crossovers, family vehicles, sleeper campers, sedans, small SUVs, etc. Class 1 receiver hitch is specially designed for connecting to the car frame instead of the bumper.
  • Class 2 receiver hitch has 1 to 1/4 inches receiver tube. It can easily carry 3500 lbs loads. This receiver hitch is ideal for compact or lightweight vehicles like CUVs, minivans, small SUVs, sedans.
  • Class 3 receiver hitch is a heavy-duty vehicle trailer designed for hitching 24 feet car trailers. This hitch has 2” receiver tube. It can haul 8,000 lbs. weight and most ideal for trucks, vans, SUVs, and minivans.
  • Class 4 receiver hitch also has a 2 inches receiver tube and hauls up to 12000 lbs loads easily. This heavy-duty trailer hitch is also ideal for SUVs and small trucks.
  • Class 5 receiver hitch is the most strong trailer hitch. 2 inches receiver tube can haul up to 17000 lbs trailer weight. Class 5 receiver hitch is ideal for SUVs, vans, and trucks.

Bumper Hitch

The bumper hitch is a simple trailer hitch that is generally attached to the vehicle’s bumper. It consists of a high capacity square receiver tube. This tube can be used for different hauling purposes. However, the bumper trailer hitch is used for lightweight applications.

Gooseneck Hitch

A gooseneck hitch is mostly preferred to haul commercial or industrial trailers, livestock and other loads. This trailer hitch is mostly attached to the front portion of the rear axle. Gooseneck hitch can haul 30000 pounds loads. In some special cases, it pulls loads more than 3000 lbs. Its biggest benefit is that this hitch is attached conveniently and safely to the pickup trucks.

So, these are the most common types of trailers hitches. Choosing the right trailer hitch is highly important. Every type of hitch is generally designed for a particular purpose and they have own limitations and advantages.


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