What Are The Top Auto Transport Trailers?

If you are looking for 4 car, 5 car and 6 car trailers then choose Infinity Trailers, the most leading trailer manufacturer in Texas. In Infinity Trailers, you can find a wide range of car trailers at the best price. The company offers top auto transport trailers for sale. Know some of the best selling products below.

GN450 car trailer
Are you looking for a car trailer that can haul 4 vehicles? Then GN450 is the perfect product to choose. GN450 is 53 ft 4 car trailer that specially designed with 2 hydraulic tilt decks. These hydraulic decks always offer up to 68 ft of carrying capacity. Apart from that, this trailer has standard tandem duals and hydraulic ramps that offer perfect service during transportation.

GNW450 car trailer
Meet with another high capacity car trailer, GNW450. The length of this trailer is 53 ft and ideal for hauling 4 full-sized vehicles. Like the previous product, this product is also manufactured with 2 hydraulic tilt decks that provide 68 ft of carrying capacity. Also, GN450 comes with tandem duals and high capacity hydraulic ramps. GNW450 is quite similar to the GN450. However, the tripod tongue is extra in GNW450. Apart from that you can add some extra features and upgrade axles in this product.

GN550 car trailer
If you are looking for a 5 car hauler then GN550 will be the perfect choice for you. Like other car haulers, this product also comes with 2 hydraulic tilt decks. GN550 is quite bigger than GN450 and GNW450. The hydraulic decks offer 76 ft of carrying capacity. GN550 is designed with hydraulic ramps & tandem duals. Additionally, you can add air suspension, upgrade the axles and more.

GN500 car trailer
GN500 is a versatile car hauler that is specially designed for hauling 4 and 5 cars. It is a 50 ft long hauler that mostly comes with box tongue. This box tongue is manufactured for chassis cab trucks and it also allows smooth loading and unloading. The average of this trailer is 13000 lbs and also comes with tandem duals and hydraulic ramps.

GN600 car trailer
If you would like to buy a 6 car trailer you should go for GN600. This model is specially manufactured for chassis cab trucks. GN600 is 50 ft car hauler and offers up to 90 ft of carrying capacity. The average of this trailer is 14000 lbs. This trailer also has hydraulic ramps & tandem duals.

Infinity Trailers also offers many car transport trailers like GNW550, GNW500, GNW600 at a reasonable price. They are reliable and give optimum performances every time.