Why Choose Infinity Trailers For New Car Trailers?

With years of industry experience, Infinity Trailers are committed to manufacturing a vast range of modern open car haulers or trailers in Texas. Our products are technologically advanced. They provide you ultimate trailering experience and quick loading and unloading. Apart from the best quality products, we also provide excellent trailering options for customer convenience.




Here are some key advantages of choosing a modern car hauler from Infinity Trailers.


Offers advanced car trailers:

Infinity Trailers always believes in technology advancement and modern trends. By following the market strategies and demand, the company design and manufacture advanced hydraulic car trailers with a range of built-in features including tandem duals, lightweight body structure, hydraulic ramps, premium load-bearing capacity and more.

Maintains quality:

Since its establishment, we at Infinity Trailers maintain quality and safety standards strictly. We specialise in designing and developing advanced hydraulic open trailers that are used for carrying light commercial vehicles and sports cars safely. We never compromise with our quality. This is because customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Offers a range of financing options

As the trusted and reputable trailer manufacturer across Texas, our team always prioritise all our customer’s trailering needs. For your convenience and satisfaction, the company is committed to delivering a vast range of car trailer financing options. Be it a 4 car trailer or 5 car trailer, our financing options will assist you with the appropriate financing solution every time. The below organisations will help you finance your 4 car trailer, 5 car trailer or 6 car hauler trailer.

• AMUR Equipment Financing - (214)-801-6653 Staci Moore
• Engs Commercial Finance - (331) 215-1002 Lance D. Wright
• Apple Capital - 214-224-0995 Ext. 153 Ileana Vazquez
• Commercial Fleet Financing - (469)-208-4710 James Wilson
• Montana Commercial Credit, Inc - (406)-268-9840 Andrea Bell
• Ascentium Capital - (480)-580-1642 Brian Zetting

Provides maintenance tips:

Last but not the least, the importance of trailer maintenance is extremely necessary. If you are new in this industry, you should know how to maintain your car trailer. Proper maintenance always provides you with optimum performance. Fortunately, Infinity Trailers always provides essential maintenance tips to their customers. Professional trailer manufacturers suggest regular checking the trailer axles and suspension before driving on the road. They also suggest inspecting tire pressure, electricals and valve components regularly. The braking components should also be inspected after a certain period of time.

If you are planning for a new budget open car trailer for your business, visit the official website of Infinity Trailers today. We are extremely glad to deliver the best car trailer.