How To Keep Your 5-Car Trailer Ready Hauling?

As a car trailer hauler, it is your primary responsibility to keep your car hauler ready for its services. No matter how much you splurge to buy a car hauler, if you do not spend time to maintain your 5-car hauler, it will soon downgrade in terms of efficiency. When a car hauler manufacturer advertises 5 car haulers up for sale, they promote it as if you will not require to spend any time on maintenance. But that’s a gross understatement. With some upgraded models, the time one spends on maintenance is less compared to other 5-car hauler models.

Let’s see how you should maintain your 5-car hauler and keep it ready for its job.

Checking The Electrical Lines -

Every 5-car hauler trailer should have at least one tail light working at all times. There are plenty of make sure the socket and electrical connections are in good working order. Examine the wires and connections for corrosion, cracks, exposed wires, and breaks. Before hitting the road with your 5-car hauler, make sure that any trailer lights are operational. Including brake lights and indicators, if the 5-car hauler in question has them.

Ensuring The Suspension Of The Car Trailer -

A 5-car hauler's suspension system is always crucial. This system aids in the smooth operation of the car trailer. It absorbs shocks and makes driving more comfortable. As a result, the suspension system of a 5-car hauler should be thoroughly inspected regularly. Regular inspection aids in the detection of defects in the hauler’s suspension system such as wear and tear, cracks, scratches, and so on. Professional inspectors can thoroughly inspect the suspension system's major components, such as wheel bearings, shock absorbers, strut condition, torsion bars, spring coils, and so on.

Examine the Coupling:

Check the coupling thoroughly before setting up your 5-car hauler on a task. Ascertain that it is clean and in good condition, with no cracks, warps, or chips. While you're at it, check your tow bar and hitch ball for movement as well. One of the topmost in-general maintenance tips is applying grease to the inside of the coupling every few weeks to make hitching and unhitching easier. The safety chain is an important component of your 5-car hauler, so double-check the connection and its attachments before pushing off for the task.

Do Not Forget About Lubrication:

Any piece of machine, be it a small or heavy machine, runs on the smooth performance of gears, balls, and bearings. Without proper lubrication, the movement of the gears causes more friction. Mechanical parts' movement becomes hampered without timely lubrication. This reduces the 5-car hauler's efficiency. Thereby, do not skip over lubrication as part of routine maintenance of your 5-car hauler.

These are some of the pointers for car maintenance that you should be aware of to ensure proper care of your 5-car hauler. Along with this, regular servicing done by professionals is mandatory to ensure the efficiency and safety of your 5-car hauler.